Thursday, May 2, 2013

Letter #41


dear family, friends, and other aquatints

This week was really good. I dont have much time but I am alive, well, and still kicking!!! a couple cool things that happened this week, 1 a member had a grill thing for us, its called a koda, and it is this small little hut with a big fire pit inside it and they grilled samon and sausage and WOW it was way good!! 2 I was in Oulu this week, its the farthest north Ive been, its the 2nd highest city in the mission, now I just got to go to Rovanniemi. (farthest north missionaries can go!!! as far as I know...) and number 3!! both me and Elder Andersons bikes broke.... but we fixed them, and we also worked the the best rain storm I have ever been in. it started out like those romantic rains like in the movies. you know the `I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME` type rains and then it just dropped on us!! and this is when I didnt have a rain coat because in my defeanse, the day started off without a cloud in the sky... oh how I learned how fast that can change. Kinda like life. skies clear and then boom, its raining and your stuck out in it with just your suit and your testimony.... and number 4 is Im in Helsinki for 4 days for some training. pretty cool.

I know this church is true and I have learned so much about myself, Christ and this gospel. I love you and talk to you soon!!! 
Vanhin Waite

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