Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter #45

Dear Family.
Well, this is one of those moments where I want to tell you about the week I just had. But, I dont really remember that much right now. It is kinda sad. I did get two AWESOME packages! Very good highlights!! Thank you!!!
Oh, so this week we taught the word of wisdom and a bunch of other stuff and it was way good!! one of our investigators said, "Why not!" and has not for five days drank any coffee. It has been way cool. We also did a bunch of service. We panted our branch presidents house white. It was a long process. We also did some service for a Bahai family in Joensuu.
So I have decided that you meet all kinds of fish in the sea on a mission. And some are REALLY cool, and some that are... ya... yeah, you know. But a about a month ago we met this family that was so cool and nice I was floored. And they said they were Bahai and I had never heard about this religion before, and I now know this much, they come from israel area and they believe that every church is right, the believe the BOM is true as well as the Koran and they have a TON of really cool standards that are pretty much the same as ours. Way cool family.
I have also studied this week in "Jesus the Christ" by James E. Talmage. And, it is a WAY cool book. I am learning a TON!! I love it!! Yeah we did a lot of trackting and contacting. No more "Bike-contacting" like last time. So far so good. But the Wheather here has been WAY nice and I love Joensuu. So this morning some members took us to their summer cabin. And we planted potatoes for them and wow, because it rains quite often here, the ground has a kinda thin layer of moss, and with the leaves from last fall it is SO beautiful in the forest. I felt like an elf in Lord of the rings because I took off my shoes and walked barefoot in the forest and it was like walking of carpet. It was way cool.
I love you and I hope everyone has a good week!!! Have fun and stay safe.
Elder Waite

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