Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter #49

Dear Family and Friends

Wow, what a week. I  love learning of the Savior and His Atonement and also my relationship with Heavenly Father. haha, you know its been a good week when it starts off like that. :) But this week was change week. I moved farther north to the the most north district of missionaries EVER!! Jk, Idk if thats true, probably isnt but I would have to say I love being district leader!! I get to know so many AWEOMSE Elders and Sisters, its great!! So thats whats up. :)

So last week it was hard to leave Joensuu because of some really great investigators. In the short time I knew them their faith had grown so much. We had become good friends and they told us so. They are great people. The man said he never believed in God till he met this women. Then he had a hard time believe in a certain God. if that makes sense, he believed in something but I feel that now he believes in a loving God, one that he can have a personal relationship with. It is amazing to see the Gospel change peoples lives!! I love it. But its been a great learning experiance too. Because in my opinnion, to get an investigator to progress, you have to progress with them. I love missionary work and what it does to others and for me.

So I left Joensuu by bus alone, me and my three suitcases AND a bike. pretty fun. haha and then train from Kuopio to Kajaani. It is a smaller town. about 30,000. so its like Spanish Fork I think. maybe. kinda. not really because they speak finnish here. :) :) but It is a WAY beautiful city!! Very special!!

My new companion is Elder Nemelka. He is from Springvile and he is very nice, supportive and I have just learned so much from him. Its funny that I serve with great guys from Payson and Springvile, I just need mapleton now. Elder Nemelka is very funny and great at seeing things as they could be, not as the are now. ya know what I mean?

I love you all and I know this gospel is true. The Book of Mormon is really so powerfull in our conversion. It is a friend to me and I love missionary work. Its hard, its tough, its worth it. :) its a time and a "place of change!" Love you and have fun this week!!!

Vanhin Waite

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