Monday, June 17, 2013

Letter #48

Dear Family
This last week was really good and really slow. We had a lot of good ol meeting cancel on us. And we got a baptismal date from our two awesome stud of investigators. It was a really good week. We also have transfers comeing up this next week and I found out I will be going farther north to a city called Kajaani and I will be district leader there.
I am excited to move on but sad to leave Joensuu. I love the country over here. On this side of the country are the most lakes and rivers. It is extreamly pretty and the people are also very nice. The church is small in the north but growing really fast. I love this work and I dont have much time left.
I do think it is funny when we move, because we have all our stuff and then a bike. and whats funny with the bike is that i have to haul around a winter tire with it so there is this awkward tire to cary. I think it is funny. so that is the most stressful my life gets compared to the rest of the world. So i feel kinda blessed and I love my mission even more. I am extreamly greatful to be here and to have so many people support me. Thank you for all your love and help.
I know this is short but, I love you and I know this church and gospel are true. And that Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers, and that it is key to relize that it is HIS will that is important because He really does know best. I love Him and I am greatful for this life I have on earth and to know such wonderful people. I love you and have fun!!!
Vanhin Waite

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