Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Letter #47

Dear Family
I will have to be fast. But this week was one of the busiest and BEST weeks ever!! Extreamly difficult though but awesome, I love the Spirit and the help the Lord gives us and how we really do rely on him daily. I love you all and hope this week is great for you.
So we tried getting a baptismal date with an investigator this week because if they have baptismal dates we all know that they know that IF they are progressing at all it should be towards baptism right??? RIGHT!!! so in this lesson we tried and it felt like to us that something was holding them back. And come to find out one of them had read the Law of Chastity pamphlets and really liked it. The only problem they had with it was.... they have a 11 year old daughter and theyr not married. That is alright, but the hard part for me was when it came down to it, the mom started to cry and asked me was her daughter a sin?  at first I couldnt answer, my heart went out to her and I told them "I dont know how to answer". But we eventully turned it into a disscussion on prayer and repentance. Pretty intense and very spiritual.
Another great part of this week was missiong a bus. Idk why it happens so much to me but I always seem to miss trains, busses and all other modes of transportation. But we missed it and it was the weekend so it was the last bus. But we decieded to make the most of it and on the following day we really "pulled out all the stops" and we got 11 lessons on sunday!! Wow!! I love the day of rest, not for us!!! haha but that was pretty cool too.
I love you all and I hope the begining of the summer starts well and I hope it ends the same!! I love my mission and the chance I have to learn and grow myself. I love and miss you all and I hope you all are safe. This week is change call week and my trainee is no longer in need of training. He is becomeing his own master. And maybe I shall obtain another padawan. I love you and have fun!!!

Vanhin Waite

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