Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letter #46

Dear Family and Friends
This week was a loooong one!! But as usual, pretty busy. And this might be short too because I dont have too much time. So we had a Zone Conference up in Oulu, we also lost our phone, and I love being on a mission.
I am in the North Zone of my mission. And we have Zone Conference like every other month. And this time was special because we had a Area President come. His name was something like President Kiieren. Idk, but I learned soo much. It is amazing to be almost a year out on my mission and STILL there is SOOO much to improve on. But the wonderful thing about life is that perfection is not ment to be abtained, we continually use Christs atonement and we improve. I learned in Zone Conference that we got to BECOME our message. That we are the first message people see and we must BE the message. The message of hope, love and an eternal aspect. That we can put off the natural man and become a saint. A lot of cool stuff was learned.
We lost our phone on the train ride. I think it slipped out of my pocket. So we have to travel about 6 hours to our Zone meeting and the trains dont leave too often and thats why missing trains really stinks. But for the ride back home I went to the lost and found to find our phone and we talked for a bit. After a while he asked when our train left, and I said "in about a minute", he had us right down a number to reach us if a phone like that is found and we booked it. the funny thing was is we almost missed our train!! But we had another pair of missionaries on the train, but sense the doors to the train lock before it moves, we had one of those, "the door is locked but you can still see the panicked/funny face of the person on the other side of the door through the glass" moments. But a conductor saved us. All is good that ends well. ya know.
I love being on a mission because of the personal growth that I can see in myself. I can grow a BEARD!!! just kidding, but a different kind of growth. I love everything about it. I hope you all have a good week. I love you.
Vanhin Waite

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