Saturday, August 24, 2013

Letter #56

dear family friends and loved ones

(I dont know who the "loved ones" would be if your not family OR friend)haha but this week was a alright one. some ups downs and all arounds. it is always nice to get complements from people on the street how well we can speak. I always like hearing it. but not much else happened here except change calls.

I will be staying in Kajaani. the 3rd smallest city and the 2nd smallest branch in Finland. so ROCK ON!! I really love it actually. and my companion is going to my first city Hämeenlinna!! i love that place! My new companion is Elder Lym. I will meet him coming from Helsinki. I am no longer District leader because Kajaani is in the middle of nowhere and exchanges take a lot of traveling if I was DL. so that is good news:) 

we had a investigator come to church. here parents are doctors in the hospital. so we want to meet them and see where that goes. :) One of our investigators thinks that we have a real prophet and that there are others like him around the world. That is from the teaching corner of whats going down out here. 

I know this Christs church. And I love serving a mission. I am very grateful for my life and this chance to serve the Lord. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I have learned that the only effective way to teach people is not by colorful explanations of God and that He exists but through simple testimony of the truth can the Spirit then teach. It is way tough but I love it. I love you all and have fun!!

Vanhin Waite

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