Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #57

Hello Dear Family and Friends

This last week was WAY crazy!! it was exchange week, i have a new companion named Elder Lym. He is from Ogden Utah. We like talking about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Video Games and the Bible. i try and keep the conversations more religious based but it always goes to something like those. haha, he is way good!!

This week we met with all sorts of people!! but we found 6 new investigators!! for a small town, I felt pretty blessed!! and for change week. It was WAY awesome!! I also bought two discs for frisbee golf. Elder Lym really wants to play and I like it too so it was way fun to play 3 hours right before this. haha

We have 3 people who have baptismal dates and two of them came to church!! I love the members here. it is such a small branch. and yet, always the Spirit is there. one investigator was haveing a hard time with prophets. And one person talked about prophets!! it was GREAT!!

I have learned a lot about myself and this gospel. I love it and I am very grateful for a living day prophet. i am excited for Gereral Conference and I know this church is true. And I know that God reveals truth and himself through Prophets. I love you all and i hope you have a great week!! every week here is a great week!!! Just depends on how we look at things. I love life!!! 

Vanhin Waite

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