Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #58

Dear family

This week was pretty good. Every week is pretty good but this week was especially good because I had fun!! idk, but it was alright. Almost everyone of our lessons got cancelled and a lot of people not listening.  other than that, I learned a TON about desire.

We had a district meeting where we learned about desire. I am very grateful for the desires we have, because desire leads us to act, and our actions lead us to what we become. So do I desire to be like Christ, than I will become like Him. And I love the classic Alma 32 comparison of the word to a seed. That if it is good than it will grow. But we cant give up on the seed. 

I really like being a missionary. You learn SO much!! and I love learning!!! One cool thing this week was that in church, our investigators didnt show up. :( but a member asked me "ah, where are the investigators?" which made me feel good that, they have gotten use to investigators in church. but a little sad because none came. but, I liked that. 

I love you all and I am very grateful to be related to you!! friendship or blood, you are all really great!!
I love you and have fun!!

Love Vanhin Waite

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