Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #59

Dear family

This week was very good!! I have gotten to know the forests of Kajaani a lot better this week. lately we have been taking lots of extra trails through the wood so it is almost like mountain biking. Its WAY fun but, my bike is not really built for it. :

I did crash and really hurt my shoulder but everything is okay now, I am A-Okay! way fun!!! but we actually do a lot of finding people on these trails. so it is a bonus!! 

we had a great lesson with a psychiatrist who doesn´t believe in God. but she has become a investigator and is pretty sweet. We are also teaching a family and it is amazing to see the Spirit help them and change there lives.

I got to go but I love this work and i am very greatful for the opportunity to work hard and to love. I hope the best to everyone and i love you all and have a smilely fun week!!!

Vanhin Waite 

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