Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter #68

Dear family
Tis a new month and new chance to improve!!! I gave a talk yesterday and we had a investigator in church who is starting to progress. I am grateful to be a missionary in Finland at this time and I love Finland!!!
I have decide to start over with a lot of things in my missionary life and just focus on the simple, easy things. There is a  member here who is a GREAT example to me of selfless service!! But he often forgets to clean his house and when he is not taking care of everyone else he is too tired to clean, so we talked and I related a little to him and I said its the little things that matter. Just clean up after use.    i have learned a lot on my mission mom about cleaning. and natalie:)
I gave a talk in my ward about missionary work of coarse!!! i talked about easy and natural way to ask and include non member acquaintances and friends in our gospel way of life. it was alright.
I love being a missionary!! there are of coarse tons of things that are a bit scary for a wee wittle guy like me, for example standing infront of over 160 people for a talk..... making friends with strangers and knocking doors and crashing parties. BUT, the lord is with all his missionaries!! I know it. I love you all and I am very grateful for the Gift of the Holy Ghost, I am grateful for the Gospel and I love my life. I love repentance. ANd I love all of you.
Vanhin waite

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