Sunday, December 29, 2013

Letter #70

Dear Family
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! This week was EXTREAMLY CRAZY!!!!!! I got my new companion, new apartment, new car and now its Christmas. Halelujah.
Last Wednesday I got my new companion. His name is Elder Nate Hunter, he is from Orem. He is a WAY sweet Elder.
New apartment, and all that goes with it. We had to put all the stuff away and we did get around to teach a few lessons. THe members here are GREAT!!! they are WAY excited about missionaries coming to Lohja!!!
Oh, Friday was the Best day EVER!! we turned in our slightly older but very nice car in to a dealer, and I had the wonderful opportunity to drive away with a brand spankin new car!!!!!!! RIGHTOUS!!! The milage was only 10 kilometers when I got in the car. WAY SWEET!!!! very spiritual experiance for me. I definatly am grateful for this chance to serve a mission. :) :) :) It is a Toyota yaris. Its got a navigator and if you use bluetooth, the car can call people for you!!! it is AWESOME!!!! i like it. the front seats heat up too, (machine washable darling thats a new feature) :) oh, the car talks to you too. I like the british women voice talking, i feel like James Bond. "yes master Waite?" "Its Elder Waite to you miss Pots thank you". Just kidding, the cars name is NOT miss Pots. :)
So, for a first week city we did get our only investigator to church. We were in the car with him and a member 40 minute drive to church, 3 hours there, and 40 minute drive back. I have a feeling it will be a little tough to get investigators there. its basically a whole day affair. haha, I love you all and see you soon!!!!
Vanhin Waite

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