Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Letter #87

Dear Family

This last week was really AWESOME!!!! thank you for talking to me!!! I really enjoyed it!! oh man, last phone call and 45 days left!!! i counted this morning. :)
Well, last week we had an amazing spiritual week. I feel Every week has a spiritual highlight but this week I will tell you about this one because I relized I dont talk much about the spiritual things on this side of the Atlantic. :)

We had a lesson with this really prepared individual this week!! The lessons were awesome in the which this individual said when we talked about baptism that "my heart wants to but my head is not quite up with my heart...." and we talked about following those spiritual or "hearty" feelings. haha this person is really cool and loves the ward. It feels like a "family" said the individual.

Well, there were other sweet ones this week. like, a cool zone meeting and we met with a couple of sweet members. other than that. I am still breathing and loving life.
Have fun this week and be safe.

Vanhin Waite

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