Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter #80

Dear Family
This week we were blessed again to have people come to church!!!!! 2 more investigators!!! but the awesome thing was is that they were 2 completely different from last week!!! I love it!!!
So missionary work is going great!! we find people here and there and everywhere. We also drop people here and there and everywhere but that is just the nature of the beast. I love Finland and the wheater. It is really warm for march and i like the warmth.
One of the things we do with some non member is play a sport called sähly with them. It is basically floor hockey but with a wiffle ball. It is SOO fun!!! the non members love it. I love it. we all love it!! these kind of activities are just Awesoem to get people to come to.
I love you family and I hope life is going well. Spiritual experiances are a lot on a misson and i love it!! have fun!!
Vanhin Waite
Rakastan teitä!!

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