Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter #83

Dear Family

So, this week was really good. And AWESOME because of General Conference. I loved the talks there. We also had some good success this last month and we have been really blessed.

So, I ´ll start with the boring!!  we had a average of 3 new investigators a week last month for 5 weeks. We had a average of 2 investigators in church last month. We had a average of 6 investigator member present lesson. We got 2 baptismal dates, one is pretty sketchy, the other pretty good. And this last week we found 3 new investigators, had 4 in church(well they watched conference) 2 wiht us!! :) So the work goes good but, still looking for the baptized ones!! :)

I learned in General Conference that if I do anything in life. DO it 100%. YOu only got 1 life. dont watch it go by. ALso I learned to desire the more important things in life. Like money, career, cars and money. JUST KIDDING!!! like family and serving others. I loved the idea in conference from Elder Ballard pray for the one daily. and Pray to NOTICE ways you can help and BE WILLING to help. and be HONEST in EVERYTHING!!! oh, and "blame keeps wounds open, and forgivness heals them." Pres Monson.

We watched conference with 2 of our investigators. Both were not expecting everything they saw. (Lack of explanation on our part) but BOTH of them LOVED it. It gave them a ton to think about. I was really grateful for Elder Eyerings talk on the Saturday morning how he started "to all you that have been invited by missionaries.." and our investigators were like "wahoo!! thats me!!"

So we talked to a bunch of baptists the other day and they LOVE bashing. So they say that we cant be saved by our works and everything they say we like, agree too kinda like Christ saves us yeah, but he like threw out an example like "..if i was helping a old woman with service, its not me helping her its God because I dont have that kind of love for her like he does." I said "those are two different things, your love and Gods, you dont have God like love yet, but how would God have shown His love for that woman if YOU didnt help her." he didnt say much but I thought it was such a dumb thing. "Faith WITHOUT works is dead." end of story. Even if Paul says "shout for salvation" or something like that. OH but than he pulls out our Book of mormon, opens up to 2nephi 26 or 25 or 27 and shows the verse about the lamanites skin changing blacker to not tempt the Lords people and justs has us read it and didnt say anythig. I just looked at him and said, "where you going with this??" yeah people are interesting.

Well, that about sums up the sweet week!!! THANK you grandma for the letters!!! your awesome!! Thank you mom for the card!! I love the cat. haha I hope you all have a good week!! and apply what we learned in General Conference!!!! love you!!

Vanhin Waite

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