Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter #84

Dear Family
This last week went really good. We found a couple of cool people to teach. Our baptismal date got cold feet and didnt come to church and we keep meeting just great people!!! its really cool!!
So this week we attended a 7th day adventist church service and turns out it was their 80 anneversery in Lohja. the city in which I currently reside. It was really cool because there were other church representitives there and we had no idea it was a aneversery thing. And they had a say something like a greeting from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.It was cool to speak for a second time on the pulpit there in their church. Pretty cool. but I got a testimony there that the gospel we have is the complete and full and living gospel. Its almost as if its true or something:) I am glad to be a Mormon.
I loved General Conference last week!! my favorite thoughts were the this life is the time to perform!! make every moment count!! :) I want to do just that!!
This is a great city to be in I love it!! we have change calls coming and i hope I stay here!! i want to go home from here!! that´d be sweet!! I love you all and have fun this weeka nd be safe!!!
Vanhin Waite

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