Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter #82

Dear Family!!!
Last week was really crazy because the library computers which we write home to you didnt work. So we had to go and use some other ones but, because of time, couldnt write much. It has been busy busy busy lately and it is still as awesome as usual!!!
So we have been finding people like crazy and also doing service!!! I dont know exactly how we ended up in so many non member service projects but, they keep coming!!! no complaints!!! We play badmitton with htis older guy here and there, he is hilarious!!! but I cant believe how intense badmitton and frustrating it can be all at ounce.
one of our investigators told us that her parents dont want her to go to church or anything with the mormons. They are scared of us apparently. Thats okay though. I have to say with all the awesome service like, gardening and moving people and lifting things, we have spent more time outside of our missionary clothes than in them. pretty sweet.
Our baptismal date came to church!!! for the 2nd time, that means we are going somewhere. she is SO funny!!! i like her!!! she is still looking for an answer but, I think it will come!!! and we also found some really good people that are interested a ton!! 
I love you all and I think my mission has been the best!!! I love the spirituallity and the work that is involved. I love you and pray for you!!!

Vanhin Waite 

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